Why we invested in Threado?

Adith Podhar
3 min readJul 28, 2022

We at Gemba Capital first interacted with Pramod, Co-Founder of Threado in mid-2021. We were impressed with his clarity of thought and product first thinking. During that period, we also saw rise of online communities in India such as Product Folks and abroad. Community led growth (CLG) was the buzzword.

Online communities are on the rise and millions of communities exist across tools/platforms — WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Slack, Discord. However, managing an online community is complex as community member’s data is siloed across these tools making it difficult to draw insights and engage with members. Community managers want easy-to-use management tools e.g. statistics on usage, automate workflows, measure impact. Most communities are stitching together a variety of standalone products to serve the end-to-end needs of their members.

Threado is building a unified command centre for community builders that integrates with multiple tools to manage and grow an online community. It is operating system built for community managers — a Community “CRM” which integrates across the entire community tech stack to provide a single view of every community member, activity history, etc.

L-R: Pramod Rao (CEO) and Abhishek Nalin (CTO)

Pramod Rao is the Co-Founder and CEO at Threado. Prior to Threado, Pramod was VP, Marketing and one of the earliest employees at Zomato. He has experience in setting and scaling up community-led growth across markets. Abhishek Nalin is Co-Founder and CTO and has12+ years of experience in engineering design, architecture and building SaaS products.

We were brainstorming with Pramod when he was exploring opportunities to build a new venture in community tech stack space, even prior to Abhishek Nalin joined as a Co-Founder. We were the first to give investment commitment.

We are glad to have participated in $3.1M seed round led by Vertex Ventures with participation from Speciale Invest, PointOne Capital and marquee angels. We truly believe that Community-led companies will dominate the next decade and Community Management is an emerging function within organizations.

Threado is a category defining SaaS platform empowering organizations to grow with the power of community. From creator led communities, SaaS Companies with Community led Growth focus, Social+ consumer tech companies, D2C brands, Threado can become go-to platform for all things related to running an online community.

We are proud to back and continue to support Pramod, Abhishek and their team in this journey.

Threado is launching on Product Hunt on 2nd of August!

Do checkout Threado.com for tree trial of the product and join their Slack Community.



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