Gemba Capital 2020 Year In Review

Happy New Year to all!

2020 was a peculiar year. It gave us hardships but also taught many things. It showed us how fragile our lives can be and at the same time how resilient we as a civilization are.

2020 Portfolio Additions

We started the year with the closing of all those deals committed in 2019. Plum was the first deal and the first on Gemba Capital (India) Syndicate on AngelList. We co-invested along with Incubate Fund. Two key learnings were to move fast in seed rounds (this was possible due to our already mapped thesis on the insurtech space) and back great founders in large uncharted markets even if you feel the entry valuations are high. 10 months post our funding, they raised $4 mn from Sequoia Surge and Tanglin Ventures where we exercised our pro-rata.

Investment Commitments 2020

We have committed to invest in 5 startups in 2020, which will spill over in the first 3 months of 2021 for closures. These are:

2021 — what will we do?

We will continue to back high-quality founders assessed through our Founder Market Fit Framework. We understand trends in the US, will not necessarily work in India. We will continue to back startups solving problems for India and Indian SaaS startups building for the world. Our value add in our portfolio companies will continue from making introductions to customers, hiring, fundraising, strategy planning and much more. Our investments will continue to be in tech-enabled startups at pre-seed, seed and angel rounds.

A token of gratitude

Akshay Jain joined us to support our mission at Gemba Capital as an Analyst. Vipul Rawal supports us as an active Venture Partner, and we have a whole list of well-wishers and advisors whom we reach out to for guidance and support.

We wish you all a great 2021!

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