Edtech in India — what lies ahead?

  • Products using AI/ML to identify skill gaps in children is a great opportunity.
  • Vertical products focused on building a particular set of skills will emerge
  • Products which focus on learning through peer-to-peer & group-based social learning networks
  • AR/VR products/ gaming/social platforms focusing on core skill building
  • Products which combine brain cross-training through physical and mental exercises
  • Online AI tutor to assess student’s responses and offer personalized learning content.
  • Social product to teach skills through videos, tasks, programs, activities, gamification
  • Platform for taking online tutorials D2C through subscriptions.
  • Products which use short stories, case studies, history to teach life skills
  • Massively Multi-User Online games with activities to learn and showcase life skills.
  • Games using situational simulations, interactions to teach right attitude and life skills
  • Products to learn work skills and get jobs. MOOC enabled Hiring marketplace
  • Products like Linkedin for first job aspirants.
  • Reskilling products for middle management (30–40 year old)

Future Of Education

School of Tomorrow

  • Alternate K12 hybrid school model with curriculum flexibility.
  • Emergence of K6 segment focused digital businesses
  • Omni-channel ‘After school’ classes for casual learning.
  • Passion Economy — Teachers running individual subscription business online D2C
  • Pre-schools combined with daycare run with a differentiated innovative approach
  • Project based alternate school — hybrid with homeschooling
  • Other future skills such as AI, Blockchain, Esports coaching might also emerge.
  • Building an online interpersonal soft skill training product for the K12 segment.
  • School project creation, sharing and collaboration based tools and networks

College of Tomorrow

  • Collaboration across colleges student community through independent network
  • Enabling colleges seamlessly tie-up with corporates through tech platform for training students on specific domains
  • Products building a celebrity/expert led ‘Pay for knowledge’ platform in India.
  • Bite-size short content (audio/video) in ‘Pay for knowledge’ category.

To conclude




Entrepreneur First | Founder - Gemba Capital | Early stage Investor | Ex PE | Amateur Photographer | Foodie | Traveler |

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Adith Podhar

Adith Podhar

Entrepreneur First | Founder - Gemba Capital | Early stage Investor | Ex PE | Amateur Photographer | Foodie | Traveler |

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